gobackrack 2020 header-01.png

UI/UX: App Design & Smart Watch

There is a huge issue in high-inventory, fast-fashion retail companies (i.e. Forever XXI, Nordstrom Rack, Maurices, and many more), retail associates commonly them, GoBacks. To solve the problem with the use of an app, Fitting Room and Sales Reps can communicate and tackle GoBacks with efficiency and class.


Fitting Room Associate



This associate can send a designated goback to a sales rep in the right quadrant of the store

Once the goback is received, the sales rep can start and finish the request


Fitting Room Associate



Notification for the completed goback rack to be picked up

The goback rack has been requested to be picked up by a fitting room associate


All Employees

Here, new (and experienced) employees can use the store map to see where goback racks need to go.

Usually, the Fitting Room Associates are constantly handling clothes; to make their job easier,

most of the features are available on the easy-access Apple Watch app. The user can send, receive, and check the status of any goback.