Brand Identity

A french café based in Houston, Texas with tiny cups but big charm.

Fable Discs

Brand Identity, Art Direction, Packaging

Disc golf doesn't have to just be a poor-mans golf, it can tell a fable or two.

Por la Vida: Frida

Editorial, Brand Identity, App Design

See Frida Kahlo's life and artwork through the lens of Augmented Reality.


gbr-apple-watch-mockup 1.png

UI/UX: App Design & Smart Watch

There's a common problem in the high-inventory, fast-fashion industry. Let's talk about it.

Field Society


Brand Identity, Packaging, Web Design

The chocolate so wildly delicious you'll crave taste. (The legs might get stuck in your teeth.)


Brand Identity, Packaging, Art Direction

The all-in-one shave kit every man wants.